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About Us
  The company Hands On Interactive Ltd was formed in 1996 primarily to meet the increasing demand for quality interactive exhibits and displays. Since then, we have seen steady growth in our business year on year.

The Personnel involved in setting up the company and running it have complementary skills and many years of experience in developing these types of displays. 


Reasons for Increased Demand

  • The Heritage and millennium grants (>400Mil) that were given to existing Science centres for updating displays and to new centres for the year 2000
  • The increased profile of these exhibits has meant that large retail outlets are now looking to use these displays as a way of selling their products (i.e. Boots, Miss Selfridge, etc)
  • The European market is expanding rapidly with many science centres opening and using companies based in the UK to populate their exhibitions.

What do we do?

We have an equipped mechanical workshop of approximately 3000 sq. feet, a fully equipped electronics lab and an office of 400 sq. feet. 

We undertake work from Museums, Art galleries, Artists, designers and retailers (see client list). We also design products (examples: DRP Group, Llumarlite Ltd and Proquip) from concept right through manufacturing handover.

Hands On Interactive Ltd aims to give customers what they want, which is a fully integrated system of design, from concept through to final manufacture. 

We intend to meet our objectives by expanding our resources and utilising local companies for specific tasks which we will project manage to achieve the result our clients require, this approach means we can remain competitive, adaptable and meet tight deadlines. We have a wider skills base than most, if not all, of our competitors. We are also strong in all the major disciplines, mechanical design, electronic design, software programming, A/V design and ideas generation.


  • Production of a focal point exhibit consisting of five interactive displays, one of which is totally new and designed from concept, within ten days! 
  • Combining art and science in interactives that are usable by more that one person at any one time (example:  Magna Science Adventure Centre which won the prestigious RIBA 2001 Stirling Prize). 

Client Base

Conran Design Group 

Boots The Chemists 

Tate Gallery 

White Cube Gallery 



Science Projects

Casson Mann Design 


Event Communications Ltd

Natural History Museum

Tim Hunkin

Max Wigram

Jersey Maritime Museum

Llumarlite Ltd

Wellcome Trust


Miss Selfridge

Exhibition Plus

NHM Rhythms of Life

English Heritage

Proquip Special Projects

Explore @ Bristol 


Great Scots Exhibition
Transco plc DRP Group Hydra Associates Dover Castle Victoria and Albert Museum

Billy Bubbles Ltd


We aim to provide the following commitment to our clients

To design, develop and manufacture displays, electro-mechanical exhibits and hardware that fully meets the customers' requirements of cost, time scale and quality. We intend to reinvest in new technology in order to maintain a leading edge approach to exhibit design. 

The key points and skills that will enable us to meet this statement are:

  • Quality 
  • Service 
  • Validation 
  • Enthusiasm
  • Solid experience
  • Electronic and mechanical design and manufacture
  • Software engineering
  • Maintaining a progressive approach
  • AV skills 

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