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Magna Science Adventure Centre

Dover Castle exhibition

Sound Exhibits for At Bristol

Overview of some of our Projects

Ceiling Fan for the White Cube Gallery

Animated Ceiling Fan

Natural History Museum

Home Page

'Rhythms of Life' Travelling Exhibition
Special Projects and Retail Clients 
About the company

Brochure Web Page
Rolling Ball illustrating mineral properties
Hong Kong pneumatic doors for a presentation centre

Brochure download

Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Minerals
Video Flowers Sculpture

PIX multimedia presentation controller
CD Spinner for Miss Selfridge

Bubble Tanks illustrating viscosity
Focal Point activity centre for Boots

Beaufort Scale for Jersey Maritime Museum

'Shaping a Nation' Exibition in Edinburgh

Pneumatic Lifting Chair  
Science Museum - The Basement

About the company

Our Projects

Company Brochure online

The business cards


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